Nothing has changed..

The Weather is the same... Well.. Thats is how I feel right now.. It is raining so much these days.. :(  
but there are some good News! This Friday it will be about 31° warm.. 
Thats almost too hot for me and I will be working those two days.. I am at the Filmpark behind the Scenes of ''Friedrich der Große- Mythos und Tragödie-'' and it will be the last week here in Potsdam.  yaay.. Im so happy!! :D  

The Pictures are kind of old.. I found them some days ago.. :) Im sorry about the bad quality but I have no time right now to make some new ones.. 

Hope you are doing good and take care of you.

Have a nice day!

I am wearing: 

Zara skirt, Colors Of Benetton Jacket, Dune Shoes, Mango Bag, Zara Scarf, Gina Tricot heart Ring


Mioli hat gesagt…

What a nice Outfit, I love your skirt and the bag :)) ♥

Alison hat gesagt…

Super cute. I love the lace sticking out from the jacket. And don't worry -- we're having the same weather in Canada. No fun :(


Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you mioli :)
I wish you a nice day!

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

Yeah.. This weather makes me crazy..!! :(

anne s hat gesagt…

Your lovely outfit in one of "The best of the week" on my blog.


Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much darling! :)
Have a nice day!