Grandmas Jewerly Box..

As maybe some of you know, I love Vintage Stuff and specially if it is from the Family.. I found this Jewellery Box from my Grandma some days ago (in my apartment) and was so happy about that.. I always find something in my Room when I decide to clean it up.. Which happens like every Month.. (lol).. 

Well.. Today and tommorrow are my last days of work at the fimlpark in babelsberg.. Im so excited!! :) 
See you soon! :)


Valery Goncharenko hat gesagt…

wow, I'd like to see what you have in this Box (starts with capital cause it must be very special to you!)

Mioli hat gesagt…

Wow, die Box ist klasse :))
Sieht aus wie eine süße kleine Pyramide aus Glas ;)