Some days ago I was kind of shopping with a good friend of mine here in berlin.. I found this Dress from the 50th years.. i loved it but I didnt bought it. Why?: Well heres in germany people are kind of judgeful and looks at you weird if you dress unsual. Im a person that doesnt really cares about that but I would feel very uncomfy with this dress because it is very short.. I just KNOW here in germany it is not good to have these kind of dresses.. I know.. I should not care about what other people says but I want to feel good in it and not seen as an alien or a b* just because of the length of this dress.. 
Sometimes I would like to dress the way I want to but it is difficult.. In my Country I would definetly buy it but here not.. 

Girls.. Do you have anything you would love to do or dress but cant because of the judgy people out there?? I wish you a nice Saturday!! ;)


Inês de Castro hat gesagt…

I love the pattern on your blouse :)

Jessie. hat gesagt…

The Dress is nice :)

Liz Beechwood hat gesagt…

so cute!even the pattern of the draperies are adorable!

xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much :D
have a nice sunday!!

Every Girl has Fairytales♥ hat gesagt…

I love this cute shoes ♥
xoxo Katie


Vicky hat gesagt…

Hey. Great pictures! I follow you & if you like follow me back! :)

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Beauty Follower hat gesagt…

Great mini dress
those colours looks so good on you!

I am following you via google friend.



Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

i love the dress too :D hihi

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much! :D

Alexa hat gesagt…

Great outfit, love the bright colours.

Annie hat gesagt…

you are beautiful! Would love if you followed me back! xoxo www.trendsneversleep.com

Heather hat gesagt…

That shirt is just stunning - the colors are perfect!


Tanii hat gesagt…

I love your smile! The dress is amazing :)

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much alexa :)

Chi hat gesagt…

du siehst perfekt aus darin :)

sonia de macedo hat gesagt…

This looks amazing on you!

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! Yes lets follow each other! Following you now! :o)

Alexa hat gesagt…

I love the pattern of that dress. great style!


alexis hat gesagt…

Yes, I follow you !
Your blog is amazing :)

Francesca Giusti hat gesagt…

love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Paper Moon hat gesagt…

that is such a lovely dress, it suits you. xx