without Make-Up

 As a girl it IS difficult to be outside without make-up, specially if you are not used to it.
But I have learned, to become confident, means you have to be at least one day per week without Make-up. Your self-esteem is going to grow by itself, and you will learn to love yourself more.

I have a lot of problems about my face, my body, and every single part of my body, but doing this is really good and you will feel better after this. You can of course do it slowly.. If you are a person who uses a lot of make-up, you have to do it step by step. Maybe start with the Mascara. First you dont use Mascara, then maybe your lipgloss. instead of red lips, maybe do Lipbalm?.
I mean.. Being without make-up doesnt mean BEING wihtout make-up. You are allowed to use Make-up but in an average way. Not too much is perfect! :) and remember you are beautiful! It doesnt matter what other people says, YOU have to feel good and confident! ;)

In this pictures I have almost no Make-up on, and believe me or not, I felt good in these photos! 


FAshiOnistA ErA hat gesagt…

you look nice :)0 just came across your blog..really nice

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Saritschka hat gesagt…

Du siehst toll aus! <3 Ich benutze generell eher wenig Make-up, aber lasse selbst das Wenige alle paar Tage mal weg. Am Anfang fühlt man sich echt komisch, aber es tut gut! :) Stimme dir also voll zu!

Petush hat gesagt…

I wish I could feel good without make up. I almost never go out of the house not wearing make up, although I am spending all Saturday and Sunday without wearing make up. The only time I let people see myself like that is on the photos on my blogs - but not live.


bobiska hat gesagt…

You are beautiful with out make up there is no doubt.
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Arra Abella hat gesagt…

You look lovely!


Chloé84 hat gesagt…

bobiska tiene razon! you are a beautiful lovely girl without makeup :)

la vida maravillosa hat gesagt…

Einfach nur Wow :)!
ich vergöttere deine Haare! wunderschönes Mädchen!

Pearla & Juls hat gesagt…

Wir haben dich bei Katjusha gesehen und fanden dich gleich richtig süß (:
Liebe Grüße aus Italien
Pearla & Juls

Plami hat gesagt…

You're so beautiful! I love your laid back and chic outfit!