Like some People may know, I love to go out shopping.. 
Some days ago I ordered these Royal Blue Blouse and labtop case from ASOS online.. I LOVE the color, and im very curious on how it looks on (the blouse). 

Today I went shopping and bought two Pants, one in light green (available here) and one super skinny Blue Jeans (click here). 
Apart of that I bought a Blouse and some Shoes (high heels) (The 2 last Articles I unfortunately didnt found on the MNG online shop) :(. 

Tommorrow ill have to work 9 hours, so i have to get some rest and see you tommorrow! :)

Have a nice day!! 



Judith Maas Schoonheidssalon MooiLife Breda hat gesagt…

Nice =)

Aisha hat gesagt…

Hello! I'm a new subscriber here and I absolutely love your blog!

I love that blue bag...I actually need to add that to my purse collection!

Thanks for sharing!

xoxo Aisha

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comment! :D ..
Yeah.. Welcome to the blogger life.. I hope you have a lot of fun posting! ;)
if you want we can follow each others.. :)

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

Danke süße :D
schönes WE wünsche ich dir!