Some days ago, I decided to buy this nice Orange Coat.. It is so bright and it is outstanding.. 

Today (obviously) I put it on, and I saw so many people here who looked at me like I would be something weird or a freak, just because I was wearing Orange and Royal Blue on Winter?!.. 
That was the first moment I FELT weird, maybe a little bit ashamed, because of all the looks of the strange people outside... It is difficult to ignore other peoples Opinions.. 

But you know what? Who cares?! I love this color and I will NEVER regret the fact, that i bought it. :D Thats what makes you different right?.. 

I live here in Berlin since 2009 and the people are just kind of conservative.. 
They are use to judge a lot, but if you are confident on your skin it doesnt matter. 
At the beginning it was very dificult for me to accept it, but thankfully I am getting used to it.. :)  

Right now my favourite Colors ARE Orange, Royal Blue and all the bright Colors that catch Attention to my eyes. 

Just Remember: Always be who you are, not who you want to be. 

oh yeah.. haha.. Here I had a candy on my left site of my mouth.. 
Thats why it looks kind of weird (my face).. :P 

I was wearing: KOOKAI Orange Coat, Gina Tricot Scarf, Hudson Tights, Zara Skirt


Anonym hat gesagt…

Love it!

Andrea Grace hat gesagt…

Super cute!