NEW IN: High Heels, Glossybox and (almost) new shoes...

Hey. I just bought these new red high heels. They are from Zara and were just 20euros!. I couldnt believed it.. so I had to buy them.. 

I always get the Glossybox every Month. Its always a new surprise because you never know what you get until you open the box :) This time I got a Glossybox red lipstick, Kryolan Lipliner, night cream from Claudalie, an OPI nailpolish (the mini version) and a Hairspray, which you cant see in the pictures i took.. lols*.. 
The last three pictures are some shoes I bought online some weeks ago from Zara too, but I never used them, because I thought i lost them in my room. haha (U REALLY dont wanna see my messy room). 

The Brown Leather Shoes are from Zara too and they feel really comfy, not like the red high heels. 
The nailpolishe is really good. I love the qood quality an it stays long (I had it on all the Week-end). It is really worth it to use "so much money" for these nailpolishes. 

Now I have to learn for an exam for tomorrow. 
take care mua! ;) 


...the first pictures are without the lipliner (just the glossybox lipstick) 

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