Having a Bad day....

Dear belovers.. Yesterday was (again) one of the worst days ever!... I lost my phone in the train just some minutes after taking these pictures.. You cant imagine how much stress I had (and my face after this action) !  Its difficult to understand but I had a big fight with my parents and because of that I forgot my phone in the train station... I cant struggle with fights and all this negative stuff.. Im just to chilled for stress.. But if this happens, my day ends there.. i cant think, i cant talk and i cant eat... Its like a sickness i guess, but its so hard for me when this happens.. Im so thankfull its friday.. Now i just have to go to the doctor, because I didnt went to the uni today and then get some sleep... My Friday sounds really exciting right??.. :s..
I hope youre having a great Friday! Take care babes..



Jeeh Trend hat gesagt…

Ciao , come stai?
Vi auguro un buon fine settimana. Complimenti per il tuo blog, mi piace un saco .Quando hai tempo Vieni a visitare il mio blog


Sono anche su facebook, con una pagina aggiornata tutti i giorni.


Spero la tua visita, baci

Giada Straci hat gesagt…

Your boots are super!!!!!! :D