Yesterdey I arrived in Berlin.. It was a 3 hours trip from Hamburg to Berlin. 
Then I had an job interview (Urban Outfiters) and thats why I  arrived in berlin at 12 o´clock..  After that I went to an indian Restaurant with a friend of mine (i met a very nice girl on the job interview and we decided to talk and go to eat something.)

Then we went to a bar called White Trash.. Here in Germany it is known as an Alternative, grung, rock and roll bar/club. First we wanted to go to a club, but unfortunately it was closed.. I had a very nice time.. Hamburg was very nice too.. It was very good to take some time out of berlin and to meet some new people.. I got to meet nice people and make nice contacts.. :) 

Now I am very curious about what is going to happen in the Future.. 
I have big expectations and hopes !! ♥

I was wearing: 
Hudson Tights
Thomas Sabo Bracelet
Thomas Sabo Charm
Anne Christine Ring
Fraas Scarf
H&M Dress
TKMaxx Cardigan


Elizzabeth Hope hat gesagt…

Love this outfit! :D The scarf is a nice touch to the outfit!

XO, Lizz

Arra Abella hat gesagt…

Love the outfit dear!


Inês de Castro hat gesagt…

Everything is going to turn out great, you'll see :) I love your dress, scarf and ring!

Chloé84 hat gesagt…

found your blog from Katjusha :-)lovely outfit Karen :-) first I wanted to write in Spanish but have to look for some vocabulary and don´t have much time right now so I am writing in English ;-) next time I´ll try in Spanish because I have to improve my Spanish :)
love your cardigan and it´s longer front and also your belt from Kookai and the simple bracelet with the cute charm :-) all fits together <3


Jule hat gesagt…

hübsch siehst du aus :)
sag mal, wo ist denn urban outfitters in berlin? wusste ich noch gar nicht! :)

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

UO ist in mitte.. Die genaue Adresse lautet: Weinmeisterstr 10.
Du kannst bis zum Alex fahren und dann noch eine station richtung Wittenau bis Weinmeisterstr fahren. :)
Ist nicht schwer. :D
hab nen schönen tag!

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much victoria.. if you want we can follow each other! ;)
te deseo un hermoso dia!

Saritschka hat gesagt…

Aaaaw, schon wieder so hübsch! Dein Outfit gefällt mir total. <3

Hoffentlich erfährst du bald, ob du den Job hast.. :)

Xx, Saritschka.


Chloé84 hat gesagt…

I´am sorry Karen I don´t have a blog :-) but I read and will read your blog as Katja´s blog every day :)I have a question: as you have a very nice personality do you have any favorite makers for your makeup?
muchas gracias Karen te deseo un hermoso dia también y buen fin de semana!

Jule hat gesagt…

cool wusste ich noch gar nicht. danke! :)