Hey cuties, how are you today? 
Well..  The Day I posted about the Nelly Shoes here, I got these Sigma Brushes.. ;) I was so excited.. It was like Christmas part II. I love gifts and this one was one of mine.. :)

The Brushes have a very soft feeling and as far as I know, they have a very good quality. The *box* of the Brushes is made of REAL leather, which in fact, I lke a lot. Everything costs 109$, which (I think) is very cheap for that amount of brushes and real leather.  

I did some Pictures of the brushes.. In some Weeks I will do a Review about these Brushes. 
Oh yeah, if your interested in those brushes you can order them here, and here are other Brush Sets, if you want for example another color or other Brushes Combinations. 
You can also write me, if you have any Questions about the Sigma Brushes. 

Have a nice day! 

I was wearing: Zara Skirt, Mango Pullover, Zara High Heels, Kunert Tights, Fraas Scarf, H&M Coat.


PEPA hat gesagt…

Loove this look so much!! <3


Krista hat gesagt…

Love your style, it's so chic! Those heels are just lovely. ♥

Krista / http://imaproductofmyowndesign.blogspot.com

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much pepa! :D your site is cool! :)
i would be glad if we both could follow us.. ;)
have a nice day!

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you for the comment :D
and im glad you liked me shoes. :)

Lockenmädchen hat gesagt…

Süßer Blog, mag ich :)


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Anonym hat gesagt…

So many cute and nice things and I did'nt see any of them when I was shopping :((

You should be some kind of Shopping guide :)


-E. hat gesagt…

Beautiful skirt. You have a nice blog.
Can you check mine as well and possibly follow it?

I'm your new follower,