Today I decided to wear nothing special. I had to work and I thought it would be good if I wear something comfortable.. Thats why I chosed this Pullover from Mango. It is so nice and it feels great and warm at the same time.. What else could you wish but these kind of clothes??..
I just love it!.. 
The Bracelet I cant remember where I got it, because I bought it some years ago. 

Well.. I hope you like it and now i would like to know what you like to wear if you are in a comfy mood!? 


I know this doesnt looks very nice, but I just had fun doing Pics! ;)

I was wearing: MNG Pullover, Marc Jacobs Bow Ring, Hudson Tights, S. Oliver Shoes.
Make-Up: Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Palette, MAC Foundation, Korres Blush, L'oreal eye Liner, KIKO Mascara, MNY Nail Polish.


Babe Jane hat gesagt…

You have such a beautiful smile :)

Valencia hat gesagt…

My words! Such a pretty girl with a taste for clothes :) I love your style... preeeeetty...

S▲N hat gesagt…

Richtig süßer Post und ein klasse Blog ;) Du hast nun eine neue Leserin. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn dir mein Blog auch gefallen würde.

San von owlspassion.blogspotcom