DIY: How to make Flowers out of Napkins

Well... This idea gave me a friend of mine some days ago.. It is very easy and it looks good! ;)
You can use these Decoration just for a dinner or instead of real flowers.. You wont have to change them every week.. They can be literally 1000 of years long on your room without damaging at all! Doesnt that sound great? ;) 

Lets begin:

 You will need:
 ✂ Scissors

 ✂ Napkins (you can use some with flowers as a                                  motive or very simple ones, as I did, just be creativ)  

 ✂ Patience: you will need maybe a lot of patience 

...and the most important thing: having fun doing this. 

Take your napkin and open it so one side of it is unfold. The napkin doesnt has to be totally open! 
Cut the side where the napkin is still together, with you scissors.                                                          

The left side (in this picture) of the napkin, will be usefull at the middle of the procedure. 
               DONT throw it away! 

Now you just have to fold the napkin first one site, then turn around the napkin and fold it again. This step you repeat until you have folden the whole napkin. 

Now it is time to use the napkin Stripe you cut out before. Put your thumb on the middle of the folded napkin. Make a knot around the napkin with your stripe. 

Here comes the fun part.. 

From your napkin you have to take the first layer very carefully with your fingers out.  

Take every single layer out into the inner corner.. 
My napkin has totally 6 thin layers.
These 6 layers you have to fold out into the inner corner, thats what makes the napkin looks like a flower. Repeat this on the other site too. 

Try to be carefull and do not break the napkin layer! 


This is how it looks like when its done. I hope you liked my idea and see you tommorrow ;)



Lucas hat gesagt…

I like your napkin flowers and I liked when we made them!
I love you my baby and sometimes I should just do you a favour, I know but I'm stupid some days. Anyhow I think that I should save some money to do you a big one on Valentine so I hope you can forgive me..... =/

I LOVE YOU... :-*

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Diy chicken-Curry?