Royal Blue

This color is normally not my favorite one.. But these last days I loved it soo much.. :) 
The new scarf is from Gina Tricot and i like it a lot because it is so soft.. AND the strong blue color.. 
For Autumn everyone in Berlin uses very boring colors like grey, brown or black.. 
I like it more colorful so im into light and strong colors... ;) I haven't regret it yet.. 
My Question is: What kind of colors do you wear for Autumn and why?? 

If you have any Suggestion just comment.. 

I hope you like my Outfit and i wish you a nice day.. 
Here some Photos: 


and here some food Pictures.. :) 



Anonym hat gesagt…

hey coole schuhe

cherriesfashionblog hat gesagt…

thanks dear! :)