New Purchases..

Hello guys.. Just wanted to show you some new stuff I bought yesterday.. 

As i wrote in here I love this new Magnetic Nail Thing.. I decided to give it a shot.. 

I guess no one knows.. But I have a big Addiction for Soaps ... I loove Soaps.. Every kind of.. If im not buying new Soap things Im buying Lush or other Stuff that can replace the Soap (LOL)..  And if they look so cute,  it is just another reason to buy these ones... 

These Shoes are new too.. They only cost me 40e.. It was 50% cheaper as its usual price.

...and this Lace Cardigan was like first love.. I like it a lot.. Tommorrow i'll show you how it looks like... 

I just can say.. Thumps up for my new purchases..  ;)

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