Gold and Feather Accesoires..

Accessoires!! Wooow.. I never get too much of it.. Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, everything is beautiful.. I love Gold Accessoires. Right now  almost all my Jewellery are Gold.. Im kinda obssessed with gold things. I cant reject Gold stuff.. For me it is a Must for EVERY girl to have some jewellery. It just  makes you look better and feel good. ;)

Well.. My Weekend wasnt very excited.. I did nothing special -_-*.. My mother moved from one house to another.. So I helped her to arrange everything.. How was your Weekend??.. I hope you relaxed a lot and start very nice this next Week!!..

Wish you a lot of fun, and remember.. Always keep that smile.. You never know whos watching.. ;)

PS: what do you think about my new blog header?? :D


I was wearing:
                      Blouse by Mango
                      Ring by Gina Tricot
                      Hair Feather by Six

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