Yesterday I had a very nice night with some friends at my house.. They dropped by to watch some movies together with me. Everything was ok until we (katja and me) decided to take some Pictures outside the house for our Blog.. Then.. I forgot my house Key!! Gosh.. That was such a mess..
It was 2 Am in the morning and the only way to get in was having another key.. So I had to call my Parents. My Father was so nice and decided to bring me with the car the other key of my house.. We came in after 1 hour.. It was so cold outside.. After all everything went well.. We watched again some movies and had a fun night.. Thank God It was Friday!!! What would happened on a Monday?. I dont wanna know.. LOL

Well.. Here are some Pictures of my Outfit from last night..


 What i was wearing:   H&M Skirt
                                 Zara Blouse
                                 Ring by Nelly.com
                                 Earrings by Bijou Brigitte

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