New Package.. Nelly High Heels event...

Hi girls.. Last Week I was in the Nelly High Heels Event.. You had the chance to win some High Heels if you were one of the first 150 girls coming to the party.. Apart of that every girl (the first 100) got a goodie ba.. AND..  the first three girls who arrived in the party got te chance to be in a contest.. We had to create a dress, first place would win a 150 Euro Coupon, the second, 100 and the third one 80 Euros. I won the first place so i bought some stuff on the page.. here they are.. 

With my darling Katja(This picture was taken by her)

   three Rings from the nelly.com page

Nelly High Heels

Nelly Dress.



Anonym hat gesagt…

I like that stuff, must be look awesome when you're wearing it! :)

Jówie hat gesagt…

coool! How late before the opening did you go? Im from holland,and I reaaaally want to go to, but im afraid that I wont be on time

cherriesfashionblog hat gesagt…

@ Jówie: I think you have big chances to get a pair of shoes.. Its not so difficult.. I went there and was the first one... If you are one of the next 150 girls there you are getting those shoes.. :) Wish you good luck! and tell me how it was if your going.. :)