1 MAI/1st of MAY

Yesterday I just noticed that I  prefer going out with guys Some girls can be really anoying and it stresses me.. I just want peace..

Since Ive been here in Berlin, I have enjoyed every 1 of may..  This always means. Go out, summer is here, and live your life the fullest. In Berlin the 1 of may is always a HUGE party (1st of mai means work day, so you dont have to work). Here it is very popular to go to Tempelhof (place where I went this time) or Kreuzberg. There are open a lot of bars and places with a big Option of Music like Electo, Minimal, Reggae, Latin, and more..

Well.. Everything was great and I hat a lot of fun with some friends. The Weather was really nice too! :) Woow.. It was just awesome..


Pearla & Juls hat gesagt…

Seem that you had a lot of fun ;D
I think I've the same Flats.

Pearla from Italy <3

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

yeah.. the flats are from zara.. :D I love them! :)