1 Day before the Wedding..

I had the chance to chill out the day we arrived to the place, where the wedding was going to be.. I decided to wear something very comfy because of the nice weather.. Its nothing special but I like the colors.. :)
The Wedding was Saturday.. we arrived on saturday and had some lunch with all the friends and family of the bride and groom. It was nice.. I ate so much! haha At night we had food again and a little nice party.. :) 

I already miss all the green atmosphere.. It was so beautiful and relaxing.. :(

Here a picture of the party :) 

I was wearing Accesoires, Top/Dress by H&M,  Kunert Leggings, Pimkie High Heels (available in green and pink)


Valentina hat gesagt…

great idea following each other, I follow you..hope you'll do the same :)


David hat gesagt…

tan linda... :)

Alison hat gesagt…

It looks so gorgeous there. I'm glad to hear that you had such a good time!
Your shirt is so pretty -- I love the colors :)