I just need to know, what kind of shoes do you prefer?.. The first ones are made of real leather and I think, they are very interesting and special, because of the way they are made..

The second ones are more like a normal sneaker, but I like them too.. These ones are from adidas and they cost just 80 Euros.. The other ones 100 euros.. 
What would YOU buy and why?.. What fits me the best?.. 

As you know, I totally love colors, thats why I just posted some colorfull pics ;)

 This Vest is from my Boyfriend. Its from United Colors Of Benetton. :)


Valeriya hat gesagt…

Thank you for comment) Following you too:)
I like shoes on first pic, they r more special)


Anonym hat gesagt…

I like both..first ones nice colour but a bit too boyish second ones are very nice and comfortable but I don´t like the colour of them here so I think i would prefer second ones and I think they would fit better than the others :)

ledominique hat gesagt…

I also prefer the brown ones, because they are more unique!!
Hope you´ll find an answer! Good luck with it! :)


Fabiana hat gesagt…

the browns ones... I happened to visit your blog and I really liked it. Enjoyed reading all your wonderful posts :) Please visit my blog as well. If it interests, please feel free to follow me. I shall be happy to do the same for you.