Feeling like Alice in Wonderland

Saturday I wasnt in berlin.. As you know, I was at the Birthday party of my Uncle and Sunday I came back to Berlin. But before of that, my parents and I went to one of the cousins of my father. 
She is a retail saleswoman, something im thinking to study too.. It was so nice to get to meet her. 

She is a lovely person and her house.. Woow.. It was so nice designed!. 
She had all the wall painted in orange with this glas kind of shape.. 
All the Rooms were very cute and stylish. I wished I would be so rich to do something like that too.. You felt like in the Movie of Alice in Wonderland.. Everything was so nice and amazing decorated. 
I wanted to take some pictures but we didnt have so much time to do that, after all I wanted to talk with her about her job and everything else. 
Maybe ill work for her, but for that i would have to move to Hannover, and I have my friends here, in berlin. 
Well see! ;)


alanis hat gesagt…

Ich kann es nicht oft genug sagen: Du bist absolut bezaubernd. :) Du hast einfach so ne sanfte Ausstrahlung, deshalb besuch ich deinen Blog immer wieder gern. <3
Der süße Alice im Wunderland Flair steht dir also perfekt hehehe.

Marii hat gesagt…

Großes Kompliment an deinen Blog. Wieso kenne ich ihn noch nicht? :)
Du bist ein ganz hübsches Mädchen...da kann man ja glatt neidisch werden ^^


Arra Abella hat gesagt…

Cute dress!


Daisy hat gesagt…

tolle Bilder und wow, deine Haare sind wirklich unglaublich! :)

LG Daisy

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you so much!