I wanna make a Music Video and for that we need 288,000 Jelly Beans!

As you maybe know, I am a huge fan of youtubers, specially when it comes in to Music..
Kinna Grannis is one of the famous youtubers singers and had the idea of doing a Music Video with Jelly Beans.. Isnt that awesome??!!.. It took 22 Months to make this 3 minutes long Video..
I love specially THIS Video because their idea of creating a Music Video with Jelly Beans is so cute and creative..
Today is Valentines Day and i thought, well maybe you would like to hear some romantic, cute and creative Video.. Enjoy it! Maybe youll apreciate it as much as I do!


Petush hat gesagt…

you are right, it's very very creative! I love the idea!! :)


nyxstyle hat gesagt…

que bonitooo!!


Asta hat gesagt…

wow..thats a freaking amazing video and the song too. hope you had a great day.


choo lee hat gesagt…

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CHRISTINA KEY. hat gesagt…

Sweet post dear! The photos are pretty cool! :)
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Vicky hat gesagt…

Thank you for your comment! Great pictures!!

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2minutos hat gesagt…

Wow! Gorgeous pics, pretty girl!
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