Valentines Day little gifts

As you know from my last post, im still sick and cant take pictures out of the house.. This time i decided to show you some little ideas for valentines day.. 

I found some little ideas for Valentines day.. I know a lot of people (especially in Germany) dont think valentines day is importatnt and that this is always exagerated, but I think this makes one little day Special and i also think, here in germany the people should make this day important. 
Come on.. The truth is: The german People are not very romantic so they need such a day as valentines day... 

This makes your Clothes just look soo feminin and nice.. I would buy it by myself! :) 
I found this one on this page ljuvali. They have a lot of cute things.. :D It is worth it to take a look at their stuff.. 

I LOVE this Macbook case.. It is such an easy idea but looks so great and trendy.. 
The page is called trendliebe and they make Cases for iphones, macbooks and ipads. 
You have to check it out. :)

This notebook come from the very popular site of germany called dawanda. They sell a lot of Vintage and self-made stuff.. I would buy EVERYTHING in here.. lol ;) 

The Necklace and the Jacket are from the page called stitchedandadorned. They have very nice things and their clothes are not like random ones, it always have some special touch, thats why i like it so much.

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