its christmas time...

Its Christmas time and i love it!..

I can finally feel all the sparkly green-red-gold shimmer Christmas time..
One of my favourite days are Christmas and everything before the big day.
The Trees, the Music, and all the Family things you do are adorable..
For Christmas, my family and I go out to a formal dinner, maybe the circus or to the church. I love it.. Apart of that we open all our Gifts (as usual) under the tree, :)

I always get some gifts or buy more things than usually for Christmas.

Last Week I got the Glossybox..  There were very interesting products and now I just have to try them.
My Boyfriend ordered the Glossybox Men version for December...
We have to wait until it arrives..

Apart of that, I bought some things at the Nelly.com online Shop (I had a 10euro giftcard), a Zara Blouse, one Gold Ring, one Silver Ring, and this thing to put all the Jewellery together.

Here are some pictures of my new purchases:

What are your casual things you do for Christmas??
 I wish you a happy day! ;)

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