Shopping Day, Cinema and Belushi´s

Yesterday I went shopping with one of my best Friends.. It was a lot of fun and after that we decided to go to the cinema.. The Movie was´nt my thing but it was interesting..

After that we decided to go to a bar and watched the soccer game Milan against Barcelona.. :) It was a lot of fun too!!.. Here are some Pictures.. ;) Unfortunately I have to leave, thats why I dont have so much time..
Tommorrow i´ll post more ...

Now im going to IKEA to buy some stuff for my Room.

Soon it will be Friday.. im so glad about that! ;)

Have a nice day! kisses mua♥


what I am wearing:
First pictures:
                                    Zara Dress (old)
                                    Blanco Scarf (new)
                                    Zara Black Cardigan
                                    Six Bow Earrings
Last Pictures:

                                     New Pieces Jeggings
                                     H&M Shirt
                                     Görtz Wedges (old)
                                     Zara Belt (old)
                                     Gina Tricot Ring
                                     KIKO Frozen Nail Lacquer #02



Verena hat gesagt…

die Hose steht dir sehr gut ;) war ein schöner Tag mit dir :) kisses!

cherriesfashionblog hat gesagt…

dir auch baby :D hihi.. danke!! ;)

Gerry hat gesagt…

Sieht toll aus dein Outfit :)) Und ich bin mega neidisch, dass ihr auf eurem Weihnachtsmarkt so eine coole Rutschbahn habt :P Liebste Grüße