A new Star was born...

Hi cuties.. How are you??.. My day was excausting again.. I had to work, again -.-..
BUT..   I dont have to work tommorrow..  yeii (:

Last day I found these very nice Picture.. I can promise you: this girl is going to be a SUPERSTAR!.. She is soo beautiful..

Im talking about Lottie Moss, sister of Kate Moss.. I was never such a big fan of Kates but this girl is so cute (more than Kate).. I think she looks like a little Angel..

Lottie is just 13 years old and has already a lot of admirors (obviously)..
Im curious about how everything is going to be in the future for Lottie. She alredy inspires me.. Her Style is great too.

Here are some pictures of her Photoshooting.. Hope you like it as much as I do! ;)

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