Berlin Bus

So.. Last day I was shopping in the middle of Berlin.. My Outfit is very simple.. For me it was a very Lazy day, so I dressed like that.. It is very cold in Berlin, thats why I have nothing special on. :)  

and here one eye shadow inspiration i've got...
All Eyeshadows are from MAC.
I would love to use it as a party Look. Its sexy and simple.. ;)



Emily hat gesagt…

total hübsch! :)

Ina hat gesagt…

wow hübsche bilder :D
und OMG
ds AMU ist soooo schön

cherriesfashionblog hat gesagt…

danke euch süßen.. :)

Lindaline hat gesagt…

Liebes ,du bist soooo huebsch.
Hut ab.

love your blog. (: