Autumn Weather and Coffee

Autumn has definitely arrived in Berlin. I am very excited about Winter... Its so cold outside! woow.. (i love it)
Im not the kind of person who likes Summer. I prefer Winter (Maybe because it is a family thing where you get some hot chocolate, sweets AND dress very warm and comfy, without being afraid what people think about you or the way you are dressed). .

Today I had a very nice and interesting day. I went to some shops and had some yummy coffee at starbucks. I love starbucks.. It is my favorite coffee shop (If you go there you have to order a Frapuccino coffee with caramel and extra cream). I promise you.. you'll never regret it ;)
The Lady at the shop was very nice to us and gave us a big coffee eventhough i ordered a small one.. Its always nice meeting very polite people.. You feel like home.. She said i'll give you a big Frapuccino because your nice..  That was such a nice act from her... ok readers.. 
I hope you had a nice day too! Wish you good luck! 


I was wearing:   Zara Dress (ss 2010)
                            Zara Scarf (ws 2010)
                            Goertz Shoes
                            Hudson Tights (new)
                            Zara Cardigan
                            ASOS Bag
                            Bijou Brigitte Earrings
                            H&M Coat (old)
                            H&M Gloves (old)


Addicted to all hat gesagt…

thank you that you are my new follower.. I am very happy about that :)

Wish you a nice day

Karen Wasem hat gesagt…

thank you.. :D wish u a nice day too :D